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About Simone Walsh

Handmade jewelry in gold and sterling silver. Shop in our online store.

Delightful Designer Jewelry:
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For the past 25 years, Australian jewelry designer Simone Walsh has combined sterling silver, gold and gemstones for an alchemic, yet delicate and delightful collection of unique jewelry.

These handmade jewelry designs have entranced customers around the world - and they're now available directly to our customers in the United States with local currency and fast local delivery. Hooray!

We're passionate about real jewelry made using high quality precious materials like sterling silver and gold, but we also aim to be affordable and ethical. What's not to love?

Is this you?

You're a creative, independent-minded woman who has a unique sense of style and who strives to be herself rather than be like everyone else. You're never too serious, love being adventurous and have an appreciation of quality.

Sound like you? Then we're sure you'll love what we do.

Simone in her own words

Simone Walsh: jewelry designer and artist.

I’ve always been drawn to the sparkly and the ornamental. When I was a kid growing up in Australia I had a large collection of ornate, vintage buttons that I would play with for hours on end. These days, you can still see some of that continuing fascination with ornament in my designs.

Prior to becoming a professional jewelry designer, I worked in the music industry and non-profit sector for some years. I also spent time shuttling between London, Sydney and Adelaide.

Around 1992 my love of beautiful and intriguing objects came back into focus when I stumbled across a simple yet fascinating statement necklace. I got myself some pliers, wire and glass to see if I could replicate the unusual jewelry design.

I was hooked and not long after I decided to study art full time with jewelry as my major subject. In my first year, I won a Most Outstanding Student award for jewelry. Eventually I completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts with a Jewelry Major at the University of Sydney.

Now, over 20 years after discovering that unusual necklace, what began as a small part time hobby has grown into a full time business and Australian jewelry brand that caters to people seeking unique fine and fashion jewelry — and it’s still growing.

I'm very happy we're now selling direct to our lovely American customers through our USA online store. We first found an online market for our designs in the US and it's great to be coming full circle back to where our first online customers are located. 

It’s been an exciting ride — and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Ethical jewelry

The world’s resources are precious and we believe in ethical and sustainable design - and particularly for jewelry.

  • We aim to source ethically mined gemstones, often opting for more ethical man-made (lab grown) gemstones instead.
  • We never use corals or other threatened resources.
  • We carefully recycle our gold and sterling silver to ensure that none is wasted.
  • We endeavour to use as much recycled precious metal as we can in our designs.
  • We also choose to use low impact and environmentally friendly chemicals and other materials as much as possible in our business.

As our jewelry business has grown, we needed assistance to help us keep up with production demands and enable us to make our intricate designs possible. We now partner with an ethically-run jewelry workshop in Indonesia which is staffed by skilled local artisans.

However, the majority of our jewelry pieces are still finished and assembled in our workshop in Australia, with many designs being made from scratch in our studio.

Watch Simone handcraft a silver chain

Want to see some jewelry making in action?

Our handmade silver chain has been one of Simone's personal favourite designs for years. It's a beautiful original silver jewelry design. Each one is still entirely made by hand by Simone personally.

Here's a time lapse video of Simone making this simple and delicate contemporary sterling silver chain:

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