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10 quick tips to clean your jewelry

Let's face it, everybody's jewelry needs a good clean occasionally. If you take a look at your own collection you'll probably notice your precious pieces getting tarnished or just plain grimy. So how do you go about cleaning your jewellery safely and easily?

All jewelry needs some care and attention from time to time to be kept at its sparkling best. If you're not sure where to start, we're here to help with our ...

12 jewelry mistakes (we wish you'd stop making)

I bet you're making all sorts of mistakes with your jewelry that I really wish you weren't. It could be lack of time or bad habits, but most likely it's because you simply don't have enough information to realize what the problems might be.

So I'm here to help you out by listing my top 12 jewelry mistakes and how to avoid making them ...

15 top jewelry style tips you need to know

How do you style your jewelry to complement yourself and your clothing? And how do you make best use of your jewelry collection without being boring? The answers aren't always obvious. Never fear: we've come up with 15 invaluable jewelry style tips to help you to be your fashionable best.

Never fear: we've come up with 15 Fabulous Jewelry Style Tips to help you to be your fashionable best ...

All about gold, karats and carats

Gold has historically been one of the most popular and most expensive precious metals on the planet. But you might well ask: why is gold so popular and so expensiveWhat is a carat - and is it different to a karat? And why you should care anyway?

We're here to give you the inside scoop on this truly beautiful precious metal. And you can also check out the gold jewelry we have in a variety of forms ...

Which should you choose: gold or silver jewelry?

Have you wondered about which color of metal you should wear based on your skin or eye coloring? Have you heard about 'rules' to follow when choosing but you're not sure how to use them? What do you think about wearing different colored metals together?

Gold vs silver colored jewelry has been a long-debated topic and there's plenty of confusion around ...

How to choose the right necklace length

How do you choose the right necklace length to wear with an outfit? What length and style of necklace will suit you best? We know it can be tricky to figure out.

To help you decide what will work best for you we've come up with this handy necklace length guide, which includes a necklace size chart, plus tips on how to measure for a necklace.

Even better, scroll down to find a very useful table ...

How to wear statement jewelry

Our statement jewelry pieces are a great way to add some drama to an outfit: from casual to dressy. But do you know how to wear and choose statement jewelry to look your stylish best?

These designs are great to wear with a very simple - or even boring - outfit. They'll capture attention and add your own personal touch of style.

Very casual clothing often works a treat with these sorts of jewelry ...

Fall style tips to up your jewelry game

Can you believe it's fall already? As you transition into the cooler months and get ready for the holiday season ahead, we've got a simple and fun way to help you up your jewelry and general style game.

Simply put on a very basic outfit and try it out in front of a mirror with various pieces of jewelry from your ...

All about silver: the queen of metals

Humans have long been entranced by the sparkling splendor of silver: as jewelry, coinage, high status homewares and more. But how much do you really know about silver? What's the deal with sterling silver? Why does silver tarnish and how can I clean it? How is silver different to gold?

But how much do you really know about this precious ...

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