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Holiday gift ideas for the women in your life

Christmas gift ideas for the women in your life: your mum, aunt, niece, work colleagues and more.

Buying gifts throughout the year can be a strain on a busy life - and that goes double at Christmas.

We’ve gone through our handmade jewelry collections and made some suggestions to narrow things down. You don’t even need to leave home. Yay!

Ready to buy perfect presents for the women in your life? Let's get started with our handpicked selections.

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Your mum 

Now you can get your mom a bouquet without triggering her allergies. This long necklace with matching earrings features a bouquet of flowers spaced around the chain including a daisy, dahlia, lotus, chrysanthemum, and cherry blossom with a pair of leaves.

If your mom goes in for a bit of tradition, our chrysanthemum necklace in sterling silver will make a delightful statement and make her feel a bit special, especially if you chip in for the matching earrings.

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Favorite niece

Our striking daisy flower chain necklace in sterling silver is a delightfully fun piece of silver jewelry, which can dress an ensemble up or down beautifully. It’s not too formal and can be worn with a t-shirt and shorts or a nice summer frock.

If your niece’s ears are pierced you can complete the set with our daisy chain earrings or daisy hoop earrings, depending on your her taste.

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Best friend who has it all

Your bestie is a powerhouse, supporting everyone in their time of need and somehow still manages to keep herself together. Pass on the joy she brings you with this elegant chrysanthemum flower and intricate leaf necklace accompanied by a cluster of colorful tourmaline gemstones.

As an alternative, check out our poppy and leaf cluster necklace featuring sparkling pink and yellow sapphire gemstones.

Match the necklace with a bouquet charm bracelet to let her know how much she’s appreciated. She’ll be reminded of your bond for years to come.

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The woman you're in love with

Looking to get the love of your life a token of your esteem? A dahlia flower can represent commitment to a significant other. Nice. Our very intricate solid gold dahlia flower pendant necklace is also perfect for everyday or casual wear. It’s simple yet stunning. Made from 14k solid gold, this necklace is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Should your love be as strong but your budget not as much, the sterling silver dahlia pendant is a thing of beauty with a smaller price tag. It’s dahlightful (sorry).

Also see the matching solid gold earrings and sterling silver stud earrings.

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Eccentric aunt

Celebrate your unique, funny aunt with this delightful daisy pendant featuring a 14k solid gold setting with an opal gemstone that is as luminous as her person. The opal is always a bit different, with subtle flashes of green, blue and red. Like your aunt this piece will catch the eye and send out some sparkle into the world.

You can order these with a matching daisy cocktail ring or daisy stud earrings to let your aunt know how much she shines in your heart. Awww.

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Co-worker you've been given for Secret Santa

Secret Santa draws can give you the opportunity to learn more about workmates. We like to treat them as such anyway.

If you get a snazzy dresser a pair of our sweet and simple hoop earrings will add some sparkle to casual work outfits and won’t break your bank. There are a number of colors to choose from but if you’re not sure, the silver hoops or gold hoops will go with pretty much any outfit.

Shop these designs:

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If you’re still finding it hard, check out our very handy Holiday Shopping Guide and even more handy Gift Giving Guide for the Style Challenged. If you're looking to treat yourself, take a peek at our indie fashion outfit ideas for the festive season (Australian blog).

And don't forget to visit our full handmade jewelry store.

Happy shopping!

Simone Walsh is an artisan jewelry designer and maker who has been creating unique handmade jewelry designs for over 25 years. She lives and works in a beautiful seaside location outside Adelaide in South Australia, where she enjoys views of the ocean and rolling hills. Simone is the Founder & Creative Director of Simone Walsh Jewelry.

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